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caps-lv2 in the Ubuntu repo

The caps-lv2 plugin set is now in the Ubuntu repository.

caps-lv2 is the port of the caps effects and DSP units to the LV2 format.
It is provided by the team providing us with Mod:

More information about the port itself can be found here:


ams-lv2 1.0.1

The new version of ams-lv2 is now available.

Despite what the version number might let you think, this is a major release:
– VCO fine tune can now go below 0
– VCF now has a input gain control
– The GUI has been reworked to take less space
– VCO has a semi-tone control, replacing the previous “Harmonic” and “Subharmonic” controls
– A bug fix with the GUI dials disconnecting should now be fixed

This version can be downloaded here: