Tutorial : A Simple Modular Synth with Ingen and ams-lv2

My first tutorial sharing my (little) knowledge about Modular Synthesizers.

This video presents the basics of creating a synth in Ingen with the ams-lv2 plugins: the basic modules, how to connect them together, etc.

If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to add them here!


6 thoughts on “Tutorial : A Simple Modular Synth with Ingen and ams-lv2

  1. good tutorial. I’d never thought about doing a limiter before the output, and I’ve had some very loud output from AMS on accident. Great advice! Thanks.

  2. Thanks, useful tutorial. I tested ams-lv2 in kxstudio. I found an issue in the VCF section: the “Resonant Lowpass” doesn’t work for me, however the other filter types are ok. Moreover a saved graph (in ingen) with a working type of filter (e.g. 24dB Lowpass I) gives no sound when reloaded. I have to manually switch the type of filter in order to have sound (24dB Lowpass I doesn’t work any more)

      1. I just pushed on git what I believe should fix the problem.
        I am planning the release of version 1.1.0 of these plugins with the fixes included, but if you get a chance to test the code on github, let me know.

  3. I have tested the code on github. The resonant lowpass is ok, but the saved and reloaded graphs doesn’t make sound (I must switch filter type to hear something). This is not only a VCF issue. I can replicate it using a simpler connection OSC–>VCA: after reload I need disconnecting a reconnecting VCA to AUDIO OUT to have the patch working.
    A minimal patch with only VCO is ok, works after reload.
    Maybe an Ingen bug?
    Lubuntu 14.04 with kxstudio repos
    Ingen version 0.5.1~svn5365-1kxstudio1.1

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