Hydrogen with multi-bank per instrument

The functionality of having multiple bank per instrument is now available in Hydrogen’s github:

In a nutshell, each instrument can have multiple set of layers and the mixer have additional strips for each bank.

Let’s imagine you have samples for direct and overhead takes of a drumkit, Hydrogen can handle that, the jack outputs per instrument will be separated and you can control in the mixer how much of the direct/overhead takes you want.

Hope you guys and girls get the chance to try it out!


10 thoughts on “Hydrogen with multi-bank per instrument

  1. any instructions on how this is done? I’m use to building my kits from samples and I’ve updated the git and everything looks the same. I can only load one multi-layered sample per instrument like always.

    1. In the instrument rack and the layer tab, there is a name (which by default would be “Main”).
      Right of this name there is little down arrow that enables you to select, add, rename or delete a bank.
      Add a new one, Hydrogen should switch to it automatically and you can now add your samples to this new bank.

      1. blablack, thanx.. I figured it out but it needs work.. as soon as I go to the next instrument, the ‘main’ erases the first ‘main’ and so on. It doesn’t separate the instruments into their own banks so you can add multi-samples. or maybe I’m doing something wrong??

      2. Ok so let’s imagine a simple drumkit with just a kick and a snare and 4 set of samples : kick direct, kick reverb, snare direct and snare reverb (each set of samples has 5 samples).

        Create a new drumkit, rename the first instrument to kick and the second snare. Go to the kick’s layer and rename the bank from ‘main’ to ‘direct’ . If you now go to the snare’s layer you should see the bank being renamed too. In the kick’s direct layer add your samples and do the same for the snare.

        You now have a classic Hydrogen drumkit with 2 instruments and each 5 samples.

        In the snare’s layer, add the bank ‘reverb’. You should see it appear in the kick’s bank as well.

        Select the bank ‘reverb’ in the snare, add your reverb samples there and do the same with the kick.

        You should now have a kick with 2 banks, 5 kick samples per bank and a snare with 2 banks, 5 snare samples per bank.
        In the mixer, you should have 4 strips: kick, snare, direct and reverb.

        Hope that helps and that it fits with the behaviour you experience in Hydrogen!

  2. ok so that’s what I’ve been doing. So the banks share the mixer strips then. I thought for each instrument, the added banks would be to that specific instrument and not share the same mixer strip.
    so by adjusting say the reverb for the kick, I automatically adjust the reverb for the snare too?

    1. That’s the idea, once the drumkit is setup, you can control the banks for all instruments in one go (adjust reverb, adjust overhead, etc.).

      But I realise there is quite an oversight on my part – I was hoping to use the layer gain to adjust the bank for one specific instrument, but I realise now you would have to adjust all the layer.
      Can you add that as an improvement on the Hydrogen Github (https://github.com/hydrogen-music/hydrogen/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue) and I’ll work on that asap.

    1. I’ve added that as an improvement on the Hydrogen Github. Let me know when to test it so I can give you feedback.


  3. Hi Aurelien,

    I’ve found your commit on Hydrogen about HiHat multiple positions (using CC04 Midi events)

    I’m searching for hihat samples to use with this feature. Do you know a place to find some ?


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