Objective Wave is my stone (pebble?) to the edifice that is Linux audio production. I have been active over the past few years in the community: testing software, providing feedback and now coding the few projects presented in these pages.

My projects are hosted on github. http://github.com/blablack

Finally, I am the ‘one-man band” A Violent Whisper – an electro-rock band.
A statement of A Violent Whisper is to be produced under Linux, mainly using open-source software.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Aurelien,

    I am playing/experimenting with the ams-lv2 in ingen (very nice work you did!). However, I need to ask you how you got your x42 scope to display in ingen. Everytime I try to show its gui I see a message “No LV2 GUI for /Stereo”.

    I saw in your youtube videos that the x42 scope is labelled as GTK. Your system seems to be running Gnome whereas I run KDE under openSUSE. Is that the issue?


      1. Hi Aurélien,

        thanks for the reply. I discovered that the x42’s Makefile has an option to make the GTK version as well but it is set to ‘no’ by default. I recompiled x42 and now I have the GTK scope working within ingen.

        So with ingen+x42+ams-lv2 I have a very nice sound lab to play in.

        Best regards,

  2. Whoops, seems I spoke too soon. The GTK scope is displayed but the scope is not running. It passes audio through to the audio out but there is no time sweep hence no waveforms.

    Both versions of scope fine in Carla but Carla can’t use your ams-lv2 yet. But this isn’t your problem. I’ll have to rethink my sound lab design.


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