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The version 1.1.0 of ams-lv2 is now available:

The two main “features” of this version are:

  • Ported tons of additional plugins from AMS (VCEnv & VCEnv II, Multiphase LFO, VC Organ, etc.)
  • Ported the changes from version AMS 2.1.1 (Bit Grinder, Hysteresis, the bug fixes, etc.)

In addition, this release sees a lot of bug fixes or optimization.

As a reminder, ams-lv2 are plugins to create modular synthesizers ported from Alsa Modular Synth.

Here is a demo of an older version of these plugins.

ams-lv2 1.1.0 can be downloaded here:


progress on ams-lv2

Lots of work being done on ams-lv2 these days.

ams-lv2 code is being synced with the latest changes in  ams 2.1.1. I am adding the new plugins FFT Vocoder, Analog Memory, Bit Grinder, etc. and syncing the bug fixes and improvements on the existing plugins like the pulsetrain noise type in the noise2 plugin, the frequency update in LFO.

In addition, I am porting additional plugins from ams I didn’t port in the first phase: VC Organ, Dynamic Waves, Sequencers, etc.

I am hoping for a release of ams-lv2 1.1.0 very soon, but feel free to test the code on github

ams-lv2 1.0.2

The new version of ams-lv2 is now available.

A lot of work went into this release: nicer GUI (at least I hope!), the modules as designed in AMS plus a few new ones and a lot of bug fixes.

As a reminder, ams-lv2 are plugins to create modular synthesizers.
A created a short demo that shows how a few of these synths sound on their own and in mixes.

The music in this demo is nicely provided by A Violent Whisper.

ams-lv2 1.0.1

The new version of ams-lv2 is now available.

Despite what the version number might let you think, this is a major release:
– VCO fine tune can now go below 0
– VCF now has a input gain control
– The GUI has been reworked to take less space
– VCO has a semi-tone control, replacing the previous “Harmonic” and “Subharmonic” controls
– A bug fix with the GUI dials disconnecting should now be fixed

This version can be downloaded here:

LV2 plugins

All the plugins have now been devided properly into their respective repositories:

Although the code is now there, the releases are out of date. I want to do a last run of testing to be sure that everything is working ok before releasing/announcing.