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Hydrogen with multi-bank per instrument

The functionality of having multiple bank per instrument is now available in Hydrogen’s github:

In a nutshell, each instrument can have multiple set of layers and the mixer have additional strips for each bank.

Let’s imagine you have samples for direct and overhead takes of a drumkit, Hydrogen can handle that, the jack outputs per instrument will be separated and you can control in the mixer how much of the direct/overhead takes you want.

Hope you guys and girls get the chance to try it out!


Some Hydrogen features

Long time not posting on the blog, but I have been busy working on a few requirements for Hydrogen, the open-source drum-machine (

Two features that are already finished:

I am now in the middle of coding the possibility to have multiple banks per instrument. This would allow to for example have snare drum top and bottom, or drums overhead. Although not finished yet, it’s (kind of) functional and available here: