midimsg.lv2 is a set of plugins to transform midi output into usable values to control other plugins.

For example:

  • aftertouch transfers channel aftertouch to CV
  • controller and modwheel to CV

This is particularly valuable for modular synths, but this is up to your imaginations.


The version 0.0.1 can be downloaded here http://github.com/blablack/midimsg-lv2/archive/v0.0.1.tar.gz.

The source code is hosted on github: http://github.com/blablack/midimsg-lv2.


$  ./waf configure
$  ./waf 
$  ./waf install


After the INSTALL step any LV2 host should automatically find the plugins and add them to the list of loadable ones.

Ingen is the recommended host. More information about Ingen here: http://drobilla.net/software/ingen


Please use the issue tracker on github to report bugs: http://github.com/blablack/midimsg-lv2/issues


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