deteriorate-lv2 1.0.3

A new release of deteriorate-lv2 that fixes an issue with the installation.

The update can be found here:


deteriorate-lv2 1.0.2

Hello everyone!

The release 1.0.2 of deteriorate-lv2 is now available.

Compared to 1.0.1, this version only adds a bypass control to the downsampler and granulator.
You can shut them up when you get tired!

To celebrate this release, a video demo is now available:

ams-lv2 1.0.1

The new version of ams-lv2 is now available.

Despite what the version number might let you think, this is a major release:
– VCO fine tune can now go below 0
– VCF now has a input gain control
– The GUI has been reworked to take less space
– VCO has a semi-tone control, replacing the previous “Harmonic” and “Subharmonic” controls
– A bug fix with the GUI dials disconnecting should now be fixed

This version can be downloaded here:

LV2 plugins

All the plugins have now been devided properly into their respective repositories:

Although the code is now there, the releases are out of date. I want to do a last run of testing to be sure that everything is working ok before releasing/announcing.

OpenAV Productions in Ubuntu repository

The plugins from are now available in the ubuntu repository. The versions available are the latest from the git repository which can be found here:

  • Arty FX is a plugin bundle of artistic “RT” effects. The aim of this plugin collection is to allow the designing of your sound just as you desired using a fast, efficient workflow.
  • Fabla is a drum sampler plugin instrument. It is ideal for loading up your favorite sampled sounds and bashing away on a MIDI controller.
  • Sorcer is a polyphonic wavetable synth LV2 plugin. Its sonic fingerprint is one of harsh modulated sub-bass driven walls of sound.

in the beginning…

Objective Wave is now open!

Objective Wave is a software entity set up to distribute software for artists using Linux as their platform, especially the LV2 plugins format.

Links to the source code will be provided here in addition to an Ubuntu repository.

Each project has a particular target:

  • Modular Synths plugins
  • A set for beat manipulation
  • Midi messages

This space will be used to provide updates on the project and examples.